Zoom vs Zoomgov API use

How do the zoomgov and zoom APIs differ? Are there any different permissions needed for integrations? We integrate our app with the regular zoom API, and are wondering what issues/barriers/differences we may face if we try to integrate with the zoomgov api.

Which App Type
OAuth and WebHooks

Which Endpoint/s?

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Additional context
Zoomgov has it’s own website and api docs - At a glance the docs look pretty much copy-pasted from the regular zoom docs. Don’t see any auth differences or endpoint differences atm.

However, while researching zoom vs zoomgov api we’ve found the following threads which seem to offer conflicting information on zoomgov integration. Note in the first thread there’s a staff response that “Currently ZoomGov does not support 3rd party applications.” - Can we please get clarification on this?


Any updates on this? Would love to integrate our app with zoomgov if possible!


Hi @scott2,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help clarify.

To that end, if you’re wishing to make a public, published Marketplace App, I can confirm this is not currently supported. We don’t have a public Marketplace for Zoom for Government at this time. You can, however utilize the Zoom for Gov endpoints for a private integration under your own account, if you’re on a ZfG plan. This is when you’d be able to utilize the docs for ZfG.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

@scott2 to add onto what @will.zoom said, while Introduction - API Reference can appear to be a clone of https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/introduction, sometimes certain endpoints are (presently) unsupported for Zoom for Gov customers even if you see them on the Zoom Gov marketplace.

This reality is not intentional, but we are working diligently to update our documentation on that site with the most up to date information.

It’s best to confirm with a Zoom for Gov Accounts representative which APIs are supported at that moment.

Thank you,

Thank you for the replies, @will.zoom and @gianni.zoom - How do I contact a Zoom for Gov representative inquire about what endpoints are available? I do not have a Zoom for Gov account, but some of our clients use the platform, so we would like our app to work for them.

Thanks for the help, Will and Gianni :slight_smile: My last reply was filtered for spam so posting again - how do I get in touch with a Zoom for Gov Accounts representative? We don’t use zoom for gov, but some of our clients do, so we want our app to be able to work for them - I want to make sure we know which endpoints are available.

No problem! Get in touch with via https://explore.zoom.us/en/contactsales/ with your use-case and they’ll get you in front of the right person :slight_smile:

thanks i contact them. How much time it take to get response?

Hi @andrisonsjohns,

I am not entirely sure, but I would follow up within 5 business days from your initial contact.

Thank you,

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