Zoom Web SDK: Cannot update shared video quality when screen share is not started on updateSharingCanvasDimension

I use the VideoSDK to share camera, audio & screen on a single room between 2 participants. The sharing is ok, but i get a canvas (or video) for screen share very big: 1512*982. So i tried to call the Stream function updateSharingCanvasDimension (Stream | Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.10.5) but i got this error: {type: ‘INVALID_OPERATION’, reason: ‘Cannot update shared video quality when screen share is not started’}

The share is active and visible on both side, host and other participant so screen share is started…

Browser Console Error
{type: ‘INVALID_OPERATION’, reason: ‘Cannot update shared video quality when screen share is not started’}

Which Web Video SDK version?
@zoom/videosdk”: “^1.10.5”

Video SDK Code Snippets
( this.stream?.isStartShareScreenWithVideoElement() ? this.stream.startShareScreen(document.querySelector('#my-screen-share-content-video')) // document.querySelector('#my-screen-share-content-video').style.display = 'block' : this.stream.startShareScreen(document.querySelector('#my-screen-share-content-canvas')) // document.querySelector('#my-screen-share-content-canvas').style.display = 'block' ).then(() => { this.stream?.updateSharingCanvasDimension(ZOOM_VIDEO_SPECS.width, ZOOM_VIDEO_SPECS.height); this.stream?.updateSharedVideoQuality(ZOOM_VIDEO_SPECS.quality); // document.querySelector(#my-screen-share-content-${previewRenderElementScreen}).width = ZOOM_VIDEO_SPECS.width; // document.querySelector(#my-screen-share-content-${previewRenderElementScreen}).height = ZOOM_VIDEO_SPECS.height; this.setState({ previewRenderElementScreen, }, resolve); }).catch(err => { this.handleError(err, 'StartScreen', { previewRenderElementScreen }); resolve(); });

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Create client
Get Zoom token
Join room
Start sharing audio, video & screen
Call updateSharedVideoQuality stream function

Device (please complete the following information):
I tried on ChromeV120 & FirefoxV121 on MacOs Sonoma 14.2.1

Thanks for your help

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