Video SDK Web 1.6.2 release

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK Web 1.6.2 release :slight_smile:


  • Support for optimizing screen share for video clips
    • With optimizedForSharedVideo option in stream.startShareScreen method, stream.enableOptimizeForSharedVideo(true), and stream.updateSharedVideoQuality(quality) methods to optimize the experience of sharing video clips
  • “Sharing” statistic data
    • With stream.subscribeShareStatisticData() and the share-statistic-data-change event, you can get the statistic metrics of sharing, such as ‘latency’, ‘resolution’, ‘fps’, etc.
  • Virtual background support for Chromium-like browsers without SharedArrayBuffer
    • With enforceVirtualBackground option in the client.init method to enable the feature; note that this may result in high CPU and memory usage on low-performance devices.


  • user_identity support, which is now also returned as a participant attribute
  • Timing of the Promise resolve call returned by the stream.startAudio method


  • An issue where command channel messages could not be properly decrypted between main session and subsessions
  • An edge case that could sometimes cause others’ videos to not show properly

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog:


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