Zoom web sdk client view

Hi. It is true that the websdk 2.16.0 (see “enhanced” in changelog) you added for component view during screen share the ability to see gallery view not just speaker view?

And are you planning to include gallery view option for screen share for websdk client view?

This may impact switching from client to component view and I can’t find anything in documentation on gallery view when screen sharing not avail for websdk? Ty

@tommy and team. Are you able to help with an answer? Thanks in advance

Hi just wondering if someone from zoom will pick this up to get an answer or if you need clarity. Is there another channel of communication to get this answer? I’ve checked the documentation to no avail.

Thanks in advance we are not sure component, client view what is functionality or future plans with screenshare and seeing participants in mtg.

Maybe one of my past support team? @MaxM @tommy @donte.zoom


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Let me look into this and get back to you. Should you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Hi @donte.zoom just wanting to check back on this priority for us. Ty

He @donte.zoom just bumping this up. ty

So @donte.zoom this is from documentation that shows the zoom client view with screen share and gallery view of participants. We are using angler.js 1.4.5 is there any limitation why we aren’t seeing ability for gallery view in our websdk. 3.1.0? we can normally just not with screen share?

@gdrums ,

You will want to enable Sharedarraybuffer, here our support documentation on this topic:

Let me know if this helps!

So we see gallery view when not screen sharing - doesn’t that mean we have sharearraybuffer setup properly? Or would it work when not sharing and not work when sharing - is that possible?

@gdrums , You can verify if it’s enabled with the following:

Sorry for the delay.

Yes all good.
typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’;

I realize I didn’t include the issue is with Custom Live Streaming and we are using Client View. The issue is that what we see on the screen is not what is streamed. In gallery view only the screen is streamed not the participants’ videos.

Is this a known websdk issue and a plan to close gap like you have other live streaming.

Last does component view resolve this live stream issue, it could be a reason for us to switch.