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Hi guys, I’m Andrea from Italy, and I’m a frontend/backend developer. Primarily thank u for you amazing work in Zoom API and relative ecosystem!

I’ve a few questions regarding Web SDK:

I’m developing Zoom Web SDK in sync with (Wordpress | JS | PHP), so when a user buy a Video Service (sort of appointment) in my website, automatically it’s create the Zoom Meeting and assign the base user connected to the service (user created from the → https://zoom.us/account/user page).

Are there any possibilities to access meeting as host and with the assigned user of the service? or I need to force-sign with my required base account ?

Because I imagine to work with some professionals people that handle one to one sessions in Zoom frontend and need to login connected users from https://zoom.us/account/user to the specific service.

ZOOM → ZOOM USER → Assigned with Service Appointment-> ontoone with the paying user in frontend
→ Can Join as Host instead of base single account principal

Thank u in advance. Glad, if u help me with some tips.

Hi @amministrazioneforma,

Thanks for using Zoom!

Just to clarify, are you asking if the “service user” can also host a meeting? If so, the host of the meeting will need to be a user under the same account of your JWT app.

When it comes to users created on your account, the Web SDK does not have a concept of user authentication. Therefore, you should be able to use any of the users you have created on your account to host or join a meeting.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks Donte, I mean:

A user (existing in my zoom account under → https://zoom.us/account/user) can Host a meeting?

for example:

I’m Andrea and I’ve my Andrea’s account in https://zoom.us/account/user.
as Andrea, can I start the meeting as host with my base api key and secret?

Hey @amministrazioneforma,

Thank you for clarifying. Yes, you can host meetings for any user under your account with the Web SDK and the JWT credentials from your account.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Max.

Ultimate questions:

If. I understand I use websdk with same apikey and secret and change only the email user dynamically (under my zoom account) that will host right?

Can users under my account start concurrent meetings?

for example marco and andrea starts 2 concurrent meetings each one with a different customer connected

Hey @amministrazioneforma,

Good questions!

Yes, that’s correct. You can even host the meeting without setting the email field.

Yes, if you have two meetings that were created by different hosts they can be hosted at the same time.

I hope that helps!


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Love you guys!!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you @amministrazioneforma! I’m glad to hear we were able to help. We appreciate the appreciation!


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