Zoom web sdk is not responsive

We have integrated zoom sdk in our website.

The meetings does not look good on mobile view. Using sdk version - 2.8.0
Also using all the prerequisites.

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum, @webnyay . Can you share more details on the user experience on mobile view? An example screenshot or video would help us better understand the context.

In the meantime, please see our support documentation for more information on the browser requirements for the Meeting SDK :

Browser support

We are having the same issue. I discovered that the Zoom web SDK is only responsive when in Full Screen mode (tested on multiple devices and browsers). This is counterintuitive, and most users wouldn’t know to enter full screen mode.

I can’t upload media to this forum (it says i don’t have permission) so i posted some screenshots here: Zoom web sdk screenshots - Google Drive

I’ll also add that even in full screen mode, many components aren’t responsive, e.g. the settings panel is wider than the viewport, as is the chatbox.

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