Zoom web app full screen not properly work on mobile device

Iam used zoom web client SDK for my angular web app. It is totally working fine on laptop and desktop. But the issue is in mobile device UI is not responsive. Once we click full screen, screen is going to stuck. I cannot move the window. And there is no option to exit full screen without window move. That’s the problem I faced.I used latest version of zoom SDK.

Hi, @hashanmadhuranga,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Have you tried your implementation with our Mobile SDKs? With our mobile SKDs you can customize the UI. For reference, I’ve linked our getting started with Mobile SDKs guides below. If you have more questions about mobile sdk implementation, I recommend posting in the #mobile-client-sdk category.

Android Mobile SDKs links:
Zoom Android Software Development Kit(SDK)
Create UI - Android

iOS Mobile SDKs links:
Zoom iOS Software Development Kit(SDK)
Create UI - IOS

Please let me know if this helps.


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