Zoom web SDK : Leave button, more button, reaction button, not working

I have integrated the latest Zoom Web SDK version 2.13.0. I am able to go inside the meeting but the 3 buttons ie leave meeting,reaction,more, are not working rest other buttons such as audio/video/share/participants, they are working. I am even not getting any error

Browser Console Error
No Error as no event is getting triggered while click on those buttons

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
npm i @zoomus/websdk - 2.13.0

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
leaveUrl: “http://localhost:3000/”,
success: (success) => {
sdkKey: sdkKey,
signature: signature,
meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
passWord: passWord,
userName: userName,
tk: tk,
success: (success) => {
console.log(“00000000”, success);
error: (error) => {
console.log(“9999999”, error);
error: (error) => {
console.log(“--------------”, error);
// error: (error) => console.log(error)

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook Air, Lenovo
  • OS: macOS Ventura 13, windows 11
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari

Additional context
Not able to upload the recording or screenshot of issue for better understanding

are us using React 17 or 18 in your app?

Using react 17.0.1 in our application

zoom meeting sdk is using v16.13.0 and is not compatible with newer major versions

But the lower version of zoom meeting web sdk was working well with react 17.0.0 which we already had in our application. We can’t downgrade the react version as there are other dependencies which only works on 17.0.0 version. Any other solution? Can’t we customise ?

the problem with the “Leave Button” + React 17 is not new

2.11.0 (March 2023)

2.97 (Feb 2023)

2.7.0 (Aug 2022) - but not enough infos

So, what you suggest is we downgrade the react version or downgrade zoom web sdk version which is compatible with react 17 version ? My problem is we can’t downgrade react 17 version since other libraries in our application is in sync with react 17 version. Please suggest

For MSDK Client View, it is recommended to be on React 16.
For MSDK Component View, it works with React 17 and React 18.

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