Zoom web sdk start time error

I have Create new meeting by Zoom API: https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{userId}/meetings
And sending the below data
{"topic" : "Demo 9.6", "type" : 8, "start_time" : "2021-06-09T23:00", "duration": "60", "timezone" : "Asia/Kolkata", "recurrence": {"type" : 2, "end_date_time" : "2021-06-11T23:59:00", "weekly_days": "5"}, "password" : "123456"}

Sending the value of “start_time” is “2021-06-09T23:00” and “timezone” : “Asia/Kolkata”
But in response i’m getting
here start time is not what i sent, it’s not even equivalent to UTC of my sent “start_time” : “2021-06-09T23:00” nor the equivalent to Asia/Kolkata(GMT +5:30) of my sent start_time

But it is CURRENT TIME +6:30hr

Which Web Client SDK version?

Hey @imchahardeepak,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. When creating a meeting, make sure that you’re using a start_time that’s in the future otherwise the time will default to the current time.

Let me know if that helps.