Zoom Web SDK stops working

As of today, it appears that the Zoom Web SDK has stopped working. We have tried several different Zoom accounts and the error is the same:

{method: ‘join’, status: false, result: null, errorMessage: ‘Dejar de unirse a la reunión.’, errorCode: 1}

This error does not give any hint of what is going wrong nor does it give an error code where you can consult the problem. In any case, it’s something that’s been working for months and today, it suddenly stopped working without any warning.

Can you tell us what the problem is?

Hi buddy. Since yesterday my web api gives me errocode 1 and joining meeting timeout on the screen. Is that same with yours?

@zuinqstudio @voidpixelss ,

What version of Meeting SDK are you currently using?

Starting from May 6th, the minimum version supported for Meeting SDK Web is 2.6.0