Zoom Webinar API data Pull

I am able to list the webinar details through API and get webinarid and uuid.
but using the webinar ids from the reponse and try to hit webinar/{id}/panelists or webinar/{id}/registrants gives me meeting not found or expired . Can anyone help to resolve issue and get data using API?

Hi @ggopinath
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

Have you tried using the webinar uuid for these calls?

Hey @elisa.zoom just to update here my requirement is to list the registrants using this API and i am able to get registrant details for recent webinars. but i am not getting any response from this API if the webinar ended 4-5 months back.

So my requirement is to list registrants for webinars happened 4-5 months back and would be helpful if you can provide a way to get those details

thank you.

Interesting @ggopinath
You should be able to query data from the past 6 months.
Could you please take a look in your account and confirm that those webinars still exist and that they have not been deleted please.

@elisa.zoom yes those webinars are not deleted and i am able to get that details from /metrics/webinars API then using that webinar id only trying to get registrant details and giving this error

Interesting @ggopinath
I will send you a private message to follow up with you on this