Zoom Webinar Integration

This integration aims to run closed group webinars (round table webinars ) where only specific users will be invitees,therefore it will be needed to utilize ‘Webinars with only invitees’ context.

This webinars will be visible for only invitees on a certain page/section so only specific group will be able to register and attend .So user level personalization needs to be utilized on that case where we will define programatically which specific users will see which specific webinars. So during the page initialization the webinars list will be tailored for users. Closed Group Webinars will be only for the specified invitees so even though the link is found ,nobody except invitees will be able to register or attend to the webinar.

Above is my requirement for integration of Zoom Webinar in my application. Can anybody please give a suitable solution or an approach to a suitable solution.