How to restrict users in joining the webinar

How to restrict the users when joining the webinar

We have some free sessions and paid sessions, our use case is we want to allow only the users who booked the session , so we are using the add webinar registrant API and we are getting the unique join url for each registrant, but the problem is any one with that unique url was able to join. Even though we kept the enforce login constraint, any user who logged into the zoom, was able to access the meeting irrespective of the same account.

conclusion: We want to allow the users who are registered for our webinar only, even though the person knows the meeting ID and password , can we restrict them from joining if he is not registered for the webinar. We don’t want to go with manual approval because 100’s of participants will join for webinar, so please provide me a way to restrict the users.

In the zoom mobile app(play store and android), you are showing the meeting ID and passcode to the users, then how would you maintain the privacy of meeting if you disclose that to the users ???

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT Type

Which Endpoint/s?

@tommy @MaxM please respond it is the P-1 issue for us , please provide a way to restrict the webinars, i have explored all the documentation, like domain level authentication , nothing is working for our use case, since our sessions are for public site, not for any domain

Hi @vasanth,

Thank you for reaching out to us—I can see you’ve already emailed us as well, so we will reply to you there.


You replied there, that doesn’t solved our use case, I replied to you again, so please answer that mail .

Hi vasanth,

Our team will be in touch shortly.


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