ZoomApi not create password

Hi support.
With my zoom free account when I create a meeting, I receive a meeting ID and a meeting Password.
If I use my new zoom pro account (amministrazione@weboard.it), when I create a meeting I receive only meeting ID, no password.
I check every settings between the two account but I didn’t find any difference.

This is PHP Code I use

class TestAccount extends Uncgits\ZoomApi\ZoomApiConfig {
            public function __construct() {
              global $zoom_meeting_token;
              // generate a token from Firebase library
              $zoom_meeting_token = $this->refreshToken();

$meetingsClient = new \Uncgits\ZoomApi\Clients\Meetings;
          $adapter = new \Uncgits\ZoomApi\Adapters\Guzzle;
          $config = new TestAccount;
          $api = new \Uncgits\ZoomApi\ZoomApi([
              'client' => $meetingsClient,
              'adapter' => $adapter,
              'config' => $config,
          $params = "{\"topic\":\"".$data_m["MeetingTitle"]."\",\"type\":2,\"start_time\":\"".date("c")."\",\"duration\":50,\"timezone\":\"Europe/Rome\",\"password\":\"\",\"agenda\":\"\",\"settings\":{\"join_before_host\":true,\"auto_recording\":\"cloud\",\"alternative_hosts\":\"\",\"global_dial_in_countries\":[\"\"],\"registrants_email_notification\":true}}";
          $result = $api->addParameters(json_decode($params, TRUE))->createMeeting(ZOOM_EMAIL_ACCOUNT);
          $zoom_data = $result->getContent();

Hi @zubinmitia,

Are you setting the waiting room to ‘on’, or do you have a waiting room turned on by default under your account? If so, this may be why you’re not seeing the password automatically generated.


Hi Will,

both accounts have waiting room set to off.
The only difference is that in the pro account I can set waiting room options (by default is “all will go in the waiting room”), but since the main check si set to off I think it’s indifferent.

Any ideas?

Thanks you

Hi @zubinmitia,

Thank you for clarifying—in order to take a closer look, can you share the following with me at developersupport@zoom.us?:

  • Exact request and response (including url and body) you’re using
  • Associated account and Meeting IDs

I’ll be happy to take a closer look.


Ok I’ll send you mail.

Thank you

Thank you @zubinmitia,

We will be in touch with you there shortly!


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