Zoomgov.com support

Is logging into zoomgov.com supported through the windows SDK? Is a new application key and secret required for that url?

After passing https://zoomgov.com as web_domain of the InitParam to the SDK’s Initialize, authorizing with our appKey and Secret returned a AUTHRET_KEYORSECRETWRONG result.

Which Windows Client SDK version?

Hey @damien2,

Thanks for using the dev forum.

The SDK does not currently meet Zoom for gov requirements.


Hello Michael,

What are our Zoom Government customers supposed to do then?
On the ZoomGov site this sdk shows as supported.

Hey @robertfontaine,

I am sorry for the inconvenience. The zoom gov customers will have to use the client applications instead. Zoom Gov has certain qualifications that the SDK does not yet meet. I am sorry about the confusion in the documentation.


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