LastErrorType_Auth Error Code 13023 using SDK Key/Secret with Windows SDK

We are exploring the feasibility of building a customized Zoom client through the Microsoft Windows Store platform for a business client of ours who manages its software distribution through that eco system. We built the latest Windows SDK and can successfully launch and use the Zoom client with our SDK Key/Secret when directly execute the exe.

Nevertheless, when we use the same codebase to build an installation package for the Windows Store environment and deploy internally, then the same pair of SDK Key/Secret generates error code 13023.

We even added both inbound and outbound firewall exceptions for the app and also disabled the firewall entirely on the Windows 10 testing system. It didn’t make any difference.

What does that Error code mean? Is there a list of zoom SDK error codes that we can look up? Any suggestions/advices for building Windows Store apps using the Zoom Windows SDK?

Our SDK Key/Secret are valid and active.

Which version?
Latest version of the Windows SDK

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Launch Windows store app built with the latest Zoom Windows SDK
  2. On the first screen where you Set Domain, leave, “” as is and “Customized UI Mode” unchecked, then click “Set Domain”
  3. On the next screen, enter “SDK Key” and “SDK Secret”, leave “Auth with JWT token” unchecked, and click “Auth”
  4. See error 13023


Additional context
Any extra policy or license matters that we have to pay attention to when building Windows Store apps using Zoom Windows SDK?


Hi @JasonThomas,

Thanks for the post. Based on the error code, it seems like the key or secret is incorrect. Could you provide an SDK log for further investigation?

Here are the steps to enable and to retrieve the SDK log: when initialize the SDK, set enableLogByDefault to be true will enable to log feature in SDK.

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::InitParam initParam;
initParam.strWebDomain = strWebDomain.c_str();
initParam.strSupportUrl = L""; 
initParam.enableLogByDefault = true;
m_bSDKInit = CSDKHelper::Init(initParam);

Once it is set, you can find the log file in the path: %appdata%/zoomsdk/logs/ .


Hi @carson.zoom

Thank you for your reply and instructions. I have the logs now.
How can I direct message you as the logs may contain account specific information that are sensitive?


Hi @JasonThomas,

We were able to check the logs you shared and wanted to provide the following feedback:

The error code 13023 means SDK key or secret is wrong. Please have a try with the following:
1). Confirm that the customer is using SDK key & secret from the Marketplace instead of the API key & secret.
2). Try to regenerate the SDK secret on the Marketplace and see if it helps.
3). If you’re using JWT token for the SDK authentication, you may refer to the following code snippet for the JWT token generation(code snippet in Python)

iat = long(int(time.time()))
    exp = long(( + datetime.timedelta(days=2)).strftime("%s"))
    tokenExp = long(( + datetime.timedelta(hours=1)).strftime("%s"))

    payload = {
        'appKey': key,
        'iat': iat,
        'exp': exp,
        'tokenExp': tokenExp
    encoded = jwt.encode(payload, secret, algorithm='HS256')

Please let us know if you have trouble after trying these steps.


Hi Will,

Thanks for your reply with the solution. We will give it a try and see if it resolve the issue at our end.

Much appreciated!




Hi Will,

How are you doing?

I am contacting you to see if you can give us some pointers on another ticket (#8336509) that we filed couple of days ago as we haven’t heard back from the Zoom team.

We did manage to compile and release a Zoom client for the Windows Store using C# (as vs. the original C++ approach). Unfortunately, we were contacted by Zoom’s legal agent for “unauthorized use of Zoom API” and have to take down our release for the time being.

Would you be able to help in pointing us to the right contact and/or give us some pointers in this matter? I fully understand this has nothing to do with the previous support case and you will be doing us a favor.

Thanks a lot!

Jason from BluSky