Zoom's "Large Meeting Add-on" for Breakout Rooms (100 room limit)

Hi all,

We’re getting requests from some of our customers to do one-on-one matchmaking with up to 500 people (meaning 250 Breakout Rooms would be required).

We noticed that in the support article regarding Managing breakout rooms, account admins can have their Breakout Room limit increased to 100 rooms, with a maximum of 1,000 participants.

Does this mean “Large meeting add-on” is required for a limit of 100? And, can anyone simply request it? Zoom Support has given us mixed responses.

Is there any plans to support hundreds of Breakout Rooms in future?

Is it possible to determine whether a user has the “Large Meeting add-on” for their account? (We want to show different UI elements for these users)

Thank you! Good problems to have!


The maximum is currently set to 50 rooms. However, you can make a request to lift this restriction and have a new maximum of 1500.

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@jonathan.chong can you share any details on increasing the maximum to 1500? We managed to increase to 100 via Zoom support, but can’t find any information on getting 100+

I’m chatting with Zoom support staff right now and we’re being told:

  1. The max is 100
  2. In order to increase the number of available breakouts we must pay for the Large Meeting upgrade
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@taylorm Thanks for sharing what you found