User unable to open 44 or more breakout rooms

Zoom Apps Configuration
twine for Zoom in conjunction with zoomLastClientVersion:

The default breakout room cap is 50. However, the user can’t open rooms when inputting 44+ rooms via the Zoom UI.

This Loom video shows the user successfully opening 43 breakout rooms via the Zoom UI, but unable to open any rooms when the number of breakouts exceeds 43: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

The user can’t open breakouts when attempting to open 44 or more.

Via our Zoom App we were able to see this error, however, we don’t know what that error code means.

Error: 10100

Occurred when: user attempted to open 50 breakout rooms

How To Reproduce
Unclear how to reproduce as we are able to open 50 rooms in a Zoom account on a Windows machine with the same version.

The user has uninstalled and reinstalled the Zoom desktop client.

My team was also unable to reproduce. If you have zoom chat, can you post this within your ZA-channel with the account creds of the user?

EDIT: Actually, we suggest opening a case with support directly for this user.

Thanks, @ash.provost! Can you include me on that ticket so I can stay in the loop with our join customer?

No ticket has been created on our end, we suggest the user create a ticket with support for their account as it seems to be an account level issue

The Zoom customer was able to get their min breakouts updated to 100, which seems to have resolved it. It’s unclear why the cap was set to 43, though. @ash.provost Can you mark this ticket as closed? Thanks!