ZoomSDK error in getting meeting link

const invokeZoomAppsSdk = (api) => (dispatch) => {
const {name, buttonName = “”, options = null} = api;
console.log(“143name”, name);
const zoomAppsSdkApi = zoomSdk[name].bind(zoomSdk);

	.then((clientResponse) => {
		console.log(`${buttonName || name} success with response: ${JSON.stringify(clientResponse)}`);
		if (name == "getMeetingJoinUrl") {
			console.log("adding meet link1");
	.catch((clientError) => {
		console.log(`${buttonName || name} error: ${JSON.stringify(clientError)}`);


I am trying to create collabarative zoom app. The first one who joins gets no error. But the second one who joins the same zoom meeting gets this error.

getMeetingJoinUrl error: {“code”:“10047”}

Does this happen when you access the zoomSdk object directly rather than through the zoomAppsSdkApi wrapper?

Likewise, are you seeing any error messages along with that code?

I was trying to access meeting url from a participant. Later found out that it is not allowed. Is there anyway I can access meeting url from all including all participants?

Also is there any method to identify a meeting owner through zoomsdk api?

Currently participants cannot get meeting url through any APIs in the SDK. Also, there is no way to identify meeting owner through Zoom Apps SDK APIs.

If you would like to have APIs like this, please consider submitting your request here and describe your use case.

Thanks for the response. I am building a zoom app and testing it by deploying through localtunnel. Unable to load gapi script to use ‘Login with google option’ on my zoom app’s home page. Please help. I need to implement google SSO ‘Login with google’ in my zoom app.

The above one is solved…But I am getting this error now. Unable to open popups in zoom internal browser for google login. What should be done?

@manoj.kumar Have you added api.google.com to the domain allow list? Likewise, ensure it is allowed by your Content Security Policy.

Let me know if that helps.

Yes I added it and it is not blocked now. But the error is now ‘popups are not allowed on this browser’ as shared in the image above when I am clicking on ‘Login with google’ in the zoom app, on zoom’s internal browser. Please help solve that. Thanks.

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