ZoomSDK.getInstance() error when call from not the main thread since Android Meeting SDK V.5.11.*

We are using the Android Zoom Meeting SDK in a Cordova app using an updated version of cordova.plugin.zoom plugin so ZoomSDK.getInstance() is not being called from the main thread.
Until v5.10.6.6361 it was working OK but when we tried to update the version to 5.11 we got “getInstance is not called from main thread” error when calling ZoomSDK.getInstance()

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
Since V.5.1, produced in v5.11.0.6883 and v5.11.1.6928

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Any Android phone

Hi, @zmsdk ,

The Ionic SDK has been deprecated. It won’t work with the newer SDKs. We recommend the Meeting SDK for Android or iOS SDKs for most integrations.

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