zoomSDKVideoSubscribe_Fail_ HasSubscribeExceededLimit Error

We’re using the Android SDK in our platform and we’re getting the zoomSDKVideoSubscribe_Fail_HasSubscribeExceededLimit error.

What is the reason ? We haven’t found anything in the documentation.
How could we increment this limit ?

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@efren ,

can you give some context?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom ,

We noticed that in a custom grid view, when the number of participants in a meeting is bigger than 7, sometimes some users instead of seeing the video from specific users, they see a black screen while other users see all the video squares properly.
We catched the error and we can see the zoomSDKVideoSubscribe_Fail_
HasSubscribeExceededLimit error message but we doesn’t understand if its a technical issue or a limitation of the current zoom meeting plan we are using.

The technical details of how this custom view is made and the error is explained in this topic:

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