[ZoomVideoSDK] ScreenSharing does not show

@jun.sugai Thank you for the info.
Will look into the logs with @boonjun.tan and get back to you soon.

@jun.sugai ,

Can I check if you are trying to subscribe to both the share and video canvas at the same time?

After discussion with the backend teams, we had found an issue might be related to this.
Using an large screen iPad like iPad 10th etc, when sender publish video and then start sharing, video will not display.

I am not quite sure about the issue is 100% related to this, but fixing the above issue is in the scope now.
Would you also confirm about the question from @boonjun.tan to be clear?

@boonjun.tan @michitaka.sugi

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
And thanks for the reply.

Some devices can be subscribed to at the same time.
If you need the logs, I’ll share them with you if they work properly!
If so, please tell us which terminal you need to log on :+1:

Thank you for sharing this important information with we.
If the SDK is updated, we will try to make sure it works here too!

thank you

@jun.sugai san
The backend team told us that the issue is now resolved with 1.8.5

Would you mind checking at your end with this version?

@michitaka.sugi san

Thank you for getting back to me.

We’ll try to test the operation as soon as possible.
I’ll get back to you with the results.


@jun.sugai Hello Sugai san

Do you have any updates on your testing?
We are looking forward to see your results at your available time!


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