1.8.5 host taking over

I see that in the web sdk 1.8.5 that I have just installed, the host can reclaim its place. I have just tried and it still doesn’t work. Is there something specific to do for the host to become host again after they left?

Hey @carbonfreeconf,

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Thanks Tommy. So what I do is that I create a meeting with the api and join with the web sdk. I have two participants. One with role=1 and one with role=0. Initially, role=1 is the host but I decide to close the tab and then after a few minutes, the role=0 participant becomes the host. And when I rejoin with role=1 to take the host place I deserve (with the signature: ), I don’t become host. I use Chrome v87.0

It’s not automatic, you will rejoin as co-host (only if you have activated that option on your account) and from there, you will have an option (button) visible on the participant panel to claim the host power back, but you have to click on it, it’s not automatic.

I did not test it, but i think if you do not allow co-host option on the account setting, you will not rejoin as a co-host (since your in meeting participant got the host power after the host left) and therefore won’t have this option displayed.


Oh I see. Many thanks, it works like a charm!


Hey @carbonfreeconf,

I’m glad to hear that @nvivot resolved your issues! If you encounter any further issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for the help on this @nvivot!


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