1.9.0 - Gallery view not available on low CPU machine

We have users with low CPU machine using our application. We realized that on the 1.9.0, the gallery view switch option button is deactivated for such users. (no button available, so they only have the speaker view mode)

We could reproduce it 100% of the time between different computer models, ones with low CPU specs, others with high CPU specs. And CPU is the only main difference between computers (same chrome version, same OS, etc.)

It looks like the Web SDK deactivate the gallery view option if the computer running it has not enough CPU. Very similar behavior that the one with video thumbnail being deactivated when doing screen sharing without enough CPU power.


  1. Can you please confirm this is (CPU) the reason of what we observed, and that it’s a wanted behavior ? (we did not find anything about that on your documentation for the gallery mode release)
  2. Is there a way to disable this or customize it on a future release ? We are running most of our meeting in 1 vs 1 mode or 1 vs 2 mode, so it does not make sense to deactivate that gallery view just on the supposition that the meeting can host many participants (and i agree, using the gallery view on low CPU specs with many participant’s video to render would affect the rendering performance)

Which version?

Additional context
The device we observe this are old chrome box models.

Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for reaching out about this—I’m working on confirming this for you (CS-3006).

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch,

Hi @nvivot,

Is it possible to share any screenshots you may have of this? Additionally, if you know the model or version of the Chrome Boxes you’re using, this would be helpful for our team as well.

Let me know—thanks,


Here is a screenshot, no option where usually there is a button to switch view modes.

Here are the machine profiles:

  • Chromebox 2, with a Celeron 3215U 1.7Ghz : KO
  • Chromebox 4, with a Celeron N3160U 1.6Ghz : OK

Thanks for these additional details, @nvivot. We’re looking into it.


Hi @nvivot,

After further investigation, our team believes this is because the SDK cannot retrieve hardware concurrency information, or because the hardware concurrency is too low for gallery view to work, rather than an explicit CPU issue.

We appreciate your raising this with us, and we don’t believe this should be an issue on newer OS versions/hardware.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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Thank you very much for confirming this point. Good for us to know about that.

No problem, glad I could help @nvivot . :slight_smile:


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