Gallery View Not Available?

We’ve had reports from our support team that gallery view is sometimes not an option in 1.9.0. Unfortunately this issue seems to be ephemeral.

Has anyone else seen similar behavior in 1.9.0 where gallery view is not an option to select? Are there maybe browser or OS requirements at play? Any Client Web SDK documentation on the feature would be helpful.

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hello @erichhansen, if the truth is, I don’t know what they mean in the part of the release notes sdk-web-zoom 1.9.0, “ADD: 1. Added support for Gallery View …” I don’t see that this is active. … or where can we see it?

We have seen it in a dropdown in the upper right - it has options for Speaker View or Gallery View. But sometimes the Gallery View does not appear in that dropdown.

I think sometimes it can be covered by the video panel that shows your video when the camera is on.

Hey @erichhansen,

Is it possible to share a screenshot of an instance in 1.9.0 where you don’t see the dropdown reflected? Are you seeing this for meetings or webinars?

The next time this occurs, please try adjusting the zoom-in/out level of the browser, check that there isn’t any CSS overriding visibility of certain elements, and let us know if you can share an example.


Thanks, @will.zoom, I will pass that info along.

I’ve added a screenshot below, unfortunately I only have screenshots from production and I must heavily redact the content.

Thanks @erichhansen, can you share the Meeting ID as well?

@will.zoom The meeting id is 94433983548.

Hey @erichhansen,

Thank you for the update!

Currently, Gallery View is only supported when using the Chrome browser. We plan to add support for Firefox and Safari in a future release. (CS-2983)

Are you able to provide any information on the browsers where you’re seeing that the Gallery View option is missing?


@MaxM That is probably it, this user was definitely using Safari. I’ll let our support know this only works in Chrome for now.

Any plans to support this in Edge in a future release (or is Chromium Edge covered by Chrome)?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @erichhansen,

I’m glad to hear that was helpful. I would assume that support for Edge (the latest Chromium version, that is) will be supported in the future but I’ve reached out to our engineering team to confirm this.

I’ll be sure to update you here when I have confirmation.


Hey @erichhansen,

Thank you for your patience. Our engineering team confirmed that Edge is already supported. I tested this on my end as well and saw that I was able to use Gallery View when using the latest version of the Edge browser.

I also noticed that our Browser Support documentation is incorrect so I’ve reached out to our documentation team to have this updated. (DEVELOPERS-1038)


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Thanks, @MaxM I’ll update our support team that the latest edge is supported as well.

Glad Max was able to help clarify @erichhansen :slight_smile:


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