20113 - Entity Not Exist

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

So I’ve been trying to get this endpoint working but I’ve been getting {‘code’: 20113, ‘message’: ‘entity not exist’}

I tried loading the past meeting as suggested by Nick from that [[3001] Meeting does not exist: XXX]

But that didn’t fix it. I am trying to run this inside Zapier, I have the oAuth2 taken cared of and able to make calls from there using Code by Zapier (Python).

Scopes looks right and permissions look right. Been playing around with the codes so either I’ll get a entity not found or meeting not found.

Any suggestions?

Hi Jerico,
Could you check and make sure that you are querying meetings associated with your own Zoom account and credentials.
You generally get these errors when trying to access meeting not created by you