4.0.4 android api support in Newer version

Hello Zoom team,

First of all thanks for creating this kind of app, this is helping everyone in the society. specially childrens in the world can attend their online classes.

I am facing Issues on my device , Explained below:

I am using galaxy tab 10.1 (old one) , Android.

I am using zoom app apk version

https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/zoom-us/zoom-cloud-meetings/zoom-cloud-meetings-4-3-46560-0310-release/zoom-cloud-meetings-4-3-46560-0310-android-apk-download/ (4.0.4 android api support)

For any reasons zoom has made it mandatory to update zoom app version,But updated versions is not supporting camera of older devices.I was using 4.3 version working with 4.0.4 api support, But due to Mandatory update restrictions I cannot run updated zoom on my device.please support.
(1) If I use updated version, camera not supporting.

(2) If I keep using current version which was working fine, but due to mandatory update its not usable.

Any of the version creating issues in Camera side. There is green coloured shown.

I am attaching the images.

Thanks and Regards


Hi @codekapil2003, thanks for using Zoom.

It sounds like you’re running into issues with the Zoom app. This forums is meant to assist developers integrating the Zoom SDK into their own apps. For assistance with the Zoom app, please see our general support page.


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