Android minSDK version starting from API 21 with latest zoom sdk

We have upgraded the Zoom SDK to the latest version v4.6.21666.0429 . We have defined the minSdkVersion to 19. Seems like when we make the gradle sync after the module import, it returns android manifest errors. But when I change the minSdkVersion = 21 everything seems to be working fine. As the documentation says Min supported API Level is 14 but also on the repository it is mentioned as the prerequisite of API Level 21 is needed. Since the SDK was working fine for us before with API Level 19 we wanted that to happen with the latest release as well. Can you kindly check and let us know the update.

Which version?


Smartphone :

  • Device: Redmi 7A
  • OS: Android

Hi @abhishekt,

Thanks for the post. The SDK doc is a little bit outdated and the one on Github is the latest information. I will contact the doc team to update the information in the SDK doc. The minSdkVersion for the latest SDK is 21.


Hi @Carson_Chen android4.4 是否有办法可以支持,现在有很多用户设备还是这个版本

Hi @zhaowentao668,

因为Zoom Client已经不再支持Android 4.4,而Client SDK又是基于Zoom Client的,所以也没有办法支持4.4了