App not installed as app isn't compatible with your phone

Hi @chunsiong.zoom @cedric-swivvel ,

After I added new versions : ---------

  • compileSdkVersion: 33
  • buildToolsVersion: 30
  • minSdkVersion: 23
  • targetSdkVersion: 33

then, I’m trying to install this app in my device, so got this errrors App not installed as app isn’t compatible with your phone and it’s working good in android emulator but my phone is not supported this new version so what the solution?

@raman ,

What version of android are you on, and which version of the android SDK are you on?
From 5.13.5 onwards, you will need android 6

@chunsiong.zoom ,

I’m using this zoom-sdk-android-, and android SDK manager is Android API 34

what was the previously version which worked for you @raman ?

Android API 34 this version is working for me @chunsiong.zoom

@raman ,
Sorry for the confusion.
I meant to ask which version of Zoom Meeting SDK was working for your phone previously?

When I didn’t do zoom integration in my project so my app was working properly , after integration zoom, getting this error. @chunsiong.zoom

@raman , there is a possibility that your physical device does not fulfil the requirements here

@raman ,

please refrain from sharing secrets on the forum.
could you elaborate what is this snippet of code for?

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