403 Errors posting to /closedcaption from Windows

I am integrating third-party closed captioning and my code works well from a Mac (albeit with the occasional delays many others have also reported) but when the same executable uses the URL from Windows, it returns a 403 error.

HTTP 403 status, no message

Which Endpoint/s?
/closedcaption using the URL provided by clicking “Use a 3rd party CC service”

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. POST to https://wmcc.zoom.us/closedcaption?id=XXXX&ns=XXXX&expire=86400&sparams=id%2Cns%2Cexpire&signature=XXXX&seq=2&lang=en-US
  2. Status code 200 on mac, 403 on windows
  3. I tried using the URL from the Mac client from Windows, but that had the same result.

Hey @julie,

Thank you for raising this with us—I’ve brought this to the attention of our team, and they’re looking into it. (ZOOM-198211).


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