Error 403 in Closed Caption API

We are providing a closed captioning service and I am running into 403 errors trying to push captions into specific meetings. This doesn’t appear to be an issue for every meeting though. Specifically, testing the connection with a meeting on the same account on Friday worked as expected. It also doesn’t appear to be an OS issue, as described in this other thread (403 Errors posting to /closedcaption from Windows). The error happens consistently for this meeting on Windows and Linux.
Captions are enabled and the Token URL is being copy/pasted into our service.
For the given meeting, I also tried and failed to use /closedcaption/seq, which produces the same error, but that might be because of incorrect parameters, since that API call isn’t well defined in your docs and I just assumed the same auth params as for the POST call.

A call to

It would be incredibly helpful if the API would return an actual error message instead of an empty one, so it is possible to narrow down potential issues for developers.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

// update: Testing it on my own account produces the same issue. Was there a change in the Captions API over the weekend?


Same here :frowning:
Any workaround?

Not really; depending on your captioning solution you can screenshare the live text, or share it into the meeting via OBS Virtualcam as a video signal. Both of those are not ideal of course, especially since they’re not accessible for screen readers.

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I experienced the same issue this weekend and also today. No code changes on our end, just consistent 403s.

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For me, it started to work again few hours ago

Yeah, it seems like it’s working again; would still love an official response about what happened or whether there’s a way we can prevent it happening again on our end.

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Thank you for reporting this, I’ve since reached out to our engineering team for a root cause. I’ll let you know what I hear.

In the future, if you encounter an urgent issue, please submit a ticket. You can submit a ticket by navigating to our Developer Support Center.



@ajesina @chrislim @karoamir

Would you be able to provide a more recent instance of this issue? Our team will use that to investigate more detailed logs.


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