720p graphics card requirements


What is the minimum graphics card requirements for 720p
Integrated or dedicated graphics card?

I’m using video web sdk
Thank you!

@thanh.huynh , refer to the requirement here. I’ve pasted it for easy reference too

720p video on web

Requirements for sending 720p video from web:

  • Desktop Chrome version 97 or higher on macOS 12+ with an Intel, AMD, M1, or M2 graphics card
  • Desktop Chrome version 98 or higher on Windows with an Intel or NVIDIA graphics card.
  • The SharedArrayBuffer API is enabled (see Gallery View for details).

Zoom is working to support Desktop Safari, Firefox, and Edge on Windows, macOS, and mobile browsers.

Video SDK for Web

See below for how to send, receive, and verify 720p video using the Video SDK for Web.

Send 720p video

Pass in the hd:true property in the stream.startVideo() function. The sender must have a solid internet connection and low CPU usage.

stream.startVideo({ hd: true })

Receive 720p video

To receive 720p video, pass in 3 as the videoQuality parameter in the renderVideo function. The receiver must also have a solid internet connection and low CPU usage.

stream.renderVideo(canvas, userId, 1280, 720, 0, 0, 3)

Verify 720p video

To verify the video resolution being received by the Video SDK, use the video-statistic-data-change event listener. Make sure to call the stream.subscribeVideoStatisticData() function before to initialize the event listener.


client.on('video-statistic-data-change', (payload) => {
  console.log(payload.height) // 720 or 360

If your machine and browser can support sending 720p video, the stream.isSupportHDVideo() function returns true. If not, it returns false.


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