A few questions about OAuth-App to marketplace

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to understand the following: can I create an application that will connect to conferences, enable video/audio recording, and send them to my server?
I found this functionality in an existing app.

I would be grateful for any advice!
Thank you.

Hey @d.borin,

Thanks for reaching out!

This should definitely be possible—and you have a few different options. We have several different app types that you can build in our Marketplace, you can see each of these here:

If you’re looking to build an app that is account-wide and for internal uses, a JWT app will likely suffice:

However, if you’re interested in building an app that needs to access user data from outside your own Zoom account, you’ll want to take a look at our OAuth app, as you suggested:

You also have the option of utilizing our Web SDK, which allows you to connect to start and join Zoom meetings, webinars, enable audio/video, and more:

To authenticate with our Web SDK, you’ll need a JWT app.

If you want to share more details about your use case, I’m happy to further assist—just let me know!


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