Ability for host to send messages to attendees in the waiting room

Does Zoom SDK (Android) support sending chat messages to participants in the waiting room?

Which version?
Latest version - v5.0.24433.0616

To Reproduce(If applicable)
I used this method to send chat messages to participant in the meeting


How about the waiting room? Is there a way to send chat messages to those in the waiting room?

In the Release Note of the latest Zoom Android SDK, there’s a:

Added new interfaces to allow the host to send messages to the attendees in the waiting room.
- InMeetingChatMessage.setChatToWaitingroom(boolean chatToWaitingroom)
- InMeetingChatMessage.isChatToWaitingroom()

How could I use those methods to send messages to people in the waiting room?

Hi guys, are there any updates on this? :wave:

Hi @phong.nguyen,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to send messages to users in the waiting room, you could:

1). Call InMeetingChatMessage.setChatToWaitingroom(true)
2) Use the normal send chat interface to send chat: https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/InMeetingChatController.html
3) The corresponding callback is onChatMessageReceived(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/InMeetingServiceListener.html#onChatMessageReceived-us.zoom.sdk.InMeetingChatMessage-)

If you would like to send chat message to the users in the main meeting room, call InMeetingChatMessage.setChatToWaitingroom(boolean chatToWaitingroom) again to turn this feature off.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @carson.zoom, thanks for your reply.
However, the InMeetingChatMessage.setChatToWaitingroom() is not a (static) class method. It’s tied to an InMeetingChatMessage instance.

    public void setChatToWaitingroom(boolean chatToWaitingroom) {
        this.chatToWaitingroom = chatToWaitingroom;

Could you please escalate the usage of this method?

Hi @carson.zoom, is there any update on this? :wave:

Hi @phong.nguyen,

Thanks for the reply and the follow-up. Here are the steps to send a chat message to the waiting room:

  1. When in the Zoom UI and someone joins the waiting room, you will see a pop-up, press “See the waiting room” and see who joins the waiting room.
  2. Then press “close” to return to the main session, the host can press “More>Chat”
  3. Press “Send To” and select “Everyone (in waiting room)”
  4. Then you could send messages to the waiting room.

Regarding the interfaces you have mentioned above, the interface is not for sending chat messages to the waiting room. Therefore, the only way we could send chat messages to the waiting room is the steps above.

Pardon the confusion and the inconvenience caused by this.


Hi @carson.zoom. Thanks for your confirming.