How to send chat messages to Everyone (in Waiting Room)?

The Host can send messages to all users in a meeting’s waiting room by selecting To: Everyone (in Waiting Room) from the chat pane in the desktop app. How can this be done with the Windows Client SDK?

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Start a meeting with the Client SDK which has the waiting room enabled and auto admit waiting room users turned off. Have a user join the waiting room but do not admit them. Try to use the SDK’s chat controller to send a message to all users in the waiting room only (not all users in the meeting).


Device (please complete the following information):
Windows 10 Desktop

Additional context
When the host sends messages to everyone in the waiting room a chat event is fired for user 4294967295 (seems to be a special user ID, like 0 means “Everyone (in meeting)”). However, trying to call SendChatTo() with this userID fails with SDKERR_INVALID_PARAMETER.

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Hey @apresence,

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Unfortunately, there is not currently an interface for this behavior. I will update this thread if that changes in the future.



Just a suggestion: It seems it would be pretty easy to implement this feature by using the existing SendChatTo() method with the special ID 4294967295 to send messages to waiting room participants. This special value is clearly already being used internally by the client library anyway (see my initial message).


Thank you @apresence. That is a good point.