Ability to Create Participant-Specific Join URLs?

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We are looking to utilize the Zoom API to create Zoom meetings that generate distinct Join URLs that are specific to a participant.

In reviewing the API documentation, it appears that you can’t apply this setting on the meeting itself but that you may be able to leverage something similar with the ‘Register a Participant’ functionality in the API (linked below).

Can you confirm if this is the best way to achieve this functionality?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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Hi @ryanE,

As you suspected, registration would be the way to accomplish this. You can create a meeting with registration required, and then add registrants using the endpoint you’ve referenced here. The /registrants API response will return a unique join_url per participant.


Thanks Will.

In reviewing the ‘Meeting Create’ API documentation, can you confirm which parameter is set to require registration? I searched through the parameters but didn’t see one (unless you’re referring to us setting the ‘meeting_authentication’ parameter to True)

Hey @ryanE,

When it comes to the Create a Meeting API, you would use the settings.approval_type property to enable registration:

I hope that helps!


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