Zoom registration and registrant join url


I am using zoom api’s and i am using two of them

  1. Create Meeting
  2. Register a participant for a meeting.

If i use approval type = 0 in create meeting then i am not getting JOIN_URL in register API which is also mentioned in the document.

My requirement is i want to create a meeting from which only registrants which have Join_url can the meeting others got automatically rejected and there should not be any registration form.

Hi @buc,

Thanks for reaching out!

If you have registration enabled for your meeting, you should be able to retrieve the registrant join_url by calling the following endpoint:

Can you let me know if this helps?


Thanks for the response.

Well that’s not exactly something which i am looking for.

My concern is i want to stop the users to enter in the meeting if they are not registered and host should not allow or reject them manually.

Is there something by which i can get success?

Hey @buc,

By default, when registration is required, users should only be able to join with the unique join_url provided by the Add Meeting Registrant API.

I’m not seeing the issue where the join_url is provided. I would try testing in Postman to confirm it’s not related to app logic.


yes thanks
i just wanted to restrict the user(also auto reject) who have joined from the non-unique meeting url. Is there any way to do that?

@buc Good question! By default, if a user clicks a non-unique join url, they will be redirected to the page to register for the meeting. If you have manual approval enabled for the meeting, or you at least enable it after your automatic approvals are complete, then they won’t be able to enter the meeting.

I hope that helps!


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