Zoom "join_url" Sends Registrant To Registration URL

I’ve created Meetings and Webinars with registration using the Zoom API. When I create the Meeting or Webinar, I’m storing the join_url grabbed from the API using the “/users/me/webinars” and the “/users/me/meetings” format for an event (depending on if it’s a Meeting or Webinar). The join_url is sent out via email to any registered attendees in order to join the Webinar or Meeting when it’s time.

The “join_url” sends a registered attendee back to the registration page where it seems like they have to register again.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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  1. Create Webinar/Meeting using API
  2. Get join_url using the /users/me/webinars or /users/me/meetings endpoints

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When using registration, that’s what the Join URL does. Having them register will create a unique Join URL for them, which I think will be emailed to them once they complete registration.

You can use this API to get the unique Join URL for the registrants:

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Thanks @samly for your answer! :slight_smile:

@steven.wadsworth , let us know if you have additional questions!