Ability to reassign a meeting to a new host from the API in a scalable way

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This is related to a question I filed here but I’ll copy the main contents below.

Our app has a number of different experts, and occasionally we need to reassign meetings from one to another of them, making the new one the host and removing the old one. Per this thread it looks like I can do this with the schedule_for attribute when updating a meeting. But unfortunately, I get errors when trying to do this about Not assigned scheduler. From those previous tickets, it looks like in order for this to work I would need each expert to give scheduling privilege to each other expert who we might want to reassign from, but that doesn’t seem viable in a case where there may be hundreds of experts.

Describe the solution you’d like
In the API I should be able to reassign a meeting from one host to another without needing the assigned scheduler permission and without having the other meeting information change.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  • I could figure out how to create the assigned scheduler permission between each of our experts, but that doesn’t seem to scale when there are a lot of them.
  • I could recreate the meeting entirely, but unfortunately that updates the URLs for joining and the meeting ID so that the join information we already sent to users has to be updated in order for them to join.
  • If there were a way to just add the new expert as a host in addition to the old one, that would work but be a little ugly.

We have a similar need. We schedule classes in our system to be delivered through our LMS. We frequently have staffing changes that requires a change of instructor. The inability to easily change a meeting from one host to another in the API has caused numerous challenges for us.

Would adding the new organizer as the alternate host work for you, because in that case you could use the PATCH /meetings/{meetingId} to update the meeting’s Alternative host.

Hope that works :+1: