Change meeting host via API - Code 1110 / Not assigned scheduler

I’m administrator of our domain and sometimes I’d like to change the host-id of an meeting. One of the alternative hosts should become the owner and the former owner an alternative host.

I tried this via the API with change meeting and the “schedule_for” parameter but I get an code 1110 - “Not assigned scheduler”.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I have a JWT App.

Which Endpoint/s?


Is there a way for a site administrator to change meetings for other users?

Harald Schmid

Hi @harald.schmid - I recently had to use schedule_for as a workaround when I accidentally created ~60 meetings under only one host. (oops :upside_down_face:)

Before you can do this, you have to assign scheduling rights for each userID.

For the end user you want the meeting to be assigned to, add your Admin userID as an assistant of the through the Assistant API. You’ll want to add the admin as an assistant of the current alternative host, which will allow you to edit the meeting to change them to host.


// request body:
  "assistants": [
      "id": "{ADMIN_USERID}",
      "email": "{ADMIN_EMAIL}"

Then, use the Update Meeting API to add the alternative host of the meeting in the schedule_for value.

PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}

// request body
  "schedule_for": "ALTERNATE HOST USER ID" // can be userID or email

This will change the host of the meeting to the current alternate host.

Let me know if this works, or if I can provide any other help.

Hello @michael.harrington,

thank You for Your answer. And sorry for the long delay in answering. I was sick longer.

Today I tested Your advices to change the host of a meeting. But it doesn’t work.

To be sure I changed/added the assistant (my own email) using the web interface of the person who actually is the host of the meeting. Then I tried the patch-command with “schedule_for” (again my email) and got the unchanged answer:

{“code”:1110,“message”:“Kein ernannter Planer.”}

Kind regards


Hey @harald.schmid,

Please make sure you meet the prerequisites and have been added as a scheduler:


Hi Tommy, if we need to update the zoom meeting and schedule for another zoom user A, what I need to do for user A as a admin? Please advice, I am hitting this 1110 error.

Hey @josie99,

Please make sure you meet the prerequisites and have been added as a scheduler: