Reassigning meetings via API with lots of users

Our app has a number of different experts, and occasionally we need to reassign meetings from one to another of them, making the new one the host and removing the old one. Per this thread and this thread it looks like I can do this with the schedule_for attribute when updating a meeting. But unfortunately, I get errors when trying to do this about Not assigned scheduler. From those previous tickets, it looks like in order for this to work I would need each expert to give scheduling privilege to each other expert who we might want to reassign from, but that doesn’t seem viable in a case where there may be hundreds of experts. Is there a practical way to do this?

FWIW, I would also be ok with creating a new meeting or doing anything else where I can add the new host, remove the old one, and keep the join url the same.

{"code":1110,"message":"Not assigned scheduler."}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
meeting update

Hi @aubrey,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

At this time, you’re correct that if you wish to use the approach outlined in these other threads, you will need to have scheduling permissions already in place.

The other approach you could take would be to delete the meeting entirely and scheduling it under the new user. However, it’s not currently possible to do this while preserving the join_url, without using the schedule_for field.

That said, I can definitely appreciate your use case here, and it’s a great suggestion to be able to update a meeting host without being required to use the schedule_for parameter to preserve the join_url. I’m happy to share this feedback with our team—you’re also welcome to submit a feature request for more flexibility in this regard, here: #feature-requests


Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it. This is a real pain point for us… we send our users an email after meetings are scheduled with the information for joining the meeting. If we have to reassign the meeting by deleting and recreating it then the information in the email becomes wrong. I guess we could send them another email, but it may be confusing for them. I also considered having the join URLs in the emails be links to our app, which would redirect them to the current Zoom meeting URLs, which would solve the problem for joining online, but we also include the information for joining by phone, and that will become incorrect as the meeting ID changes. I’ll go ahead and write up a request in #feature-requests.

Thanks for the additional context and this feedback @aubrey — I can definitely appreciate where you’re coming from. Please do submit a feature request for this if you haven’t already, as I agree it’s a great flow for us to revisit and consider an enhancement.


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