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I am developing a subscription based platform that gives our users access to “live” classes hosted through Zoom.

I am able to create meetings as i would expect and i have also managed to generate Signatures to build out a flow within our browser based application, allowing users to join “in browser” meetings.

I would like to generate an invite link that our authenticated users can click to open their own Zoom application and join the meeting. The password is baked into the invite link you can see when you create a meeting, is it possible to build out a more bespoke invite which would include other parameters such as Username and/or Email - these are the things that included when generating the signature on our backend; maybe i can use that signature to allow users to “click to join”

Hey @alexrborton,

I would suggest using meeting registration. This would provide each user that is registered to join the meeting a unique join_url, which they could click on and join the meeting without signing in.


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Thanks will. Is it possible that I can programmatically register users for a meeting? Is there an API I can post to with the users details included?

My users are already registered with our platform and it’s assumed that they will be accessing the live sessions, but we don’t want them to have to register after being registered…

If it’s not possible, would it be better add our users to a “whitelist” when they register, automatically qualifying them to enter without adding more details?

Hey @alexrborton,

Great question—and yes!

You can register users for a meeting programmatically via our Add Meeting Registrants API:

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for!


Looks good to me, thanks Will.

Because i have already authenticated my users, i can use that authentication information to give them a “one-click-registration” experience, and thus an individualised meeting join link; exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

As a side note… before this solution i played around with the WebSDK and have to say it is in desperate need for improvement! It seems like there are also limitations from the browser which is why i’ve decided to let Zoom handle the meeting in it’s entirety, rather than an “embedded” options using the WebSDK.

Thanks again :+1:

Hey @alexrborton,

I’m glad this will work for you! In regards to the Web SDK, I do appreciate the feedback, and our team is continuously working to improve this experience. Thanks again for sharing.


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