About 'end meeting' and 'leasve meeting' webhooks

Could you tell whether we can distingguish that the user clicked ‘end meeting for all’ or clicked ‘leave meeting’ from the webhook message?

Thanks for your question, @kaichen ! Only the host or cost-host should have the option to ‘end meeting for all’ . Participants should only be able to leave the meeting.

Let me know if this helps.

thanks for your reply.
but i wonder whether we can distinguish these two opreration from webhook message.
for exampe,now when the host click “end meeting” button,our endpoint will receive a "end meeting"message.when the last participant click “leave meeting” button,our endpoint receives a"end meeting"message,too.So I can’t confirm whether the user wants to end the meeting or just leave the meeting.

@kaichen Hope you will be fine.

If the host ended the meeting then you will receive → meeting.ended event
If the host leaves the meeting then you will receive → meeting.participant_left event

meeting.ended and meeting.participant_left are identical already. I hope that answers. If still have any queries please ask. Thanks

yeah,thank you
but we found if A schedule a meeting,then B join the meeting and leave meeting at once(A never join the meeting),the endpoint will receive “end meeting” webhook message…
is it normal?


Does the meeting have join_before_host enabled?
Does A & B have host/cohost privileges?

2.A have host privileges.B do not have.

@kaichen OK, then if there are no other e.g C, D, E participants in the meeting then the meeting will be ended.

@kaichen & You will receive → meeting.participant_left event also where you can find whether the participant is a host or not.

got it.
Thank you for your help naeem.

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@freelancer.nak, thank you for your contributions to the Zoom Developer forum.

@kaichen, Glad you were able to get the clarification on Webhook events. Should have additional questions, please feel free to let us know.