About Meetings SDK App Types After 2/12/2023

Regarding the subject, as described at the beginning of the above URL,
Using the Client ID/Secret issued by creating a new meeting SDK app type today,
When I try to join a meeting with Meeting SDK (v2.8.0 or lower), I get the attached error.

On the other hand, when I tried with the Meeting SDK (v2.9.0 or higher), I was able to confirm that the join was successful,
Will this be a restriction on the Meeting SDK side? Or is there any possibility of bugs?
(In any case, I would like to ask if join will work properly with v2.8.0 or lower in the future.)

The meeting ID used for the above operation check is as follows.
・Meeting ID: 5655707564
・ Operation confirmation date: 2023/03/07 06:50 UTC

Hi @yutan981 ,

In the older version (2.8.0 for this case) of web SDK, there is a key length check on the API key. This check is not compatible with client ID and client secret, hence you might get the error message below

errorMessage: 'Api key length error, must 22/36'

If you have an meeting SDK App Type created before 12th feb 2023, you can continue to use SDK Key and SDK Secret for Authorization for Web SDK 2.8.0 and lower

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