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I want to redirect to a specific URL after the meeting is over.
But is it correct with the recognition that Meeting cannot realize this function?

As far as this question is seen, it is a recognition that can only be realized with Webinar

There is the following description in the help center, but even if I specify it with the API, will you be redirected 5 minutes after the end of the webinar?
Is there a parameter that adjusts this time to be shorter?

If the participant leaves the launching page open in their browser, it will redirect to the post-attendee URL after 5 minutes.
Post-attendee URL – Zoom Help Center

Normally, I need to have a paid account to use the webinar.
Do I need to have a paid account even if I specify it in the API?

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Hi @kkubota,

Good questions!

First, the Post-Attendee URL is supported by both meetings and webinars. Note that the browser tab will need to remain open from when the meeting/webinar was initially launch in order for the redirect to work properly.

Second, this time period is not customizable via API.

Third, yes—you will need a paid license to use webinars via API.


Hi @will.zoom

Thank you for your reply.

Is it possible to specify the redirect URL after the meeting is over using the API?

In the webinar
I think it’s possible using “post_webinar_survey” and “survey_url” but is there a similar API that can be used for meetings?

Hi @kkubota,

At this time, it’s not possible to set a post-attendee URL for a given meeting via API, though I can definitely appreciate how this would be helpful.

For now, you will need to set this for meetings by following the steps outlined here.

Having said this, it’s a great suggestion to add this capability to our API. If you’re so inclined, I might recommend submitting a feature request for this here #feature-requests


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