REST API and post meeting redirect URL

How do you create a meeting using the REST API that will redirect an attendee to a custom URL after the meeting ends or when they leave the meeting?

Hi Daniel, 

Currently our REST API does not have the capability to do redirect url. You will have to login to your Zoom account to set it. -


Is this still the case or has it been updated as I cannot find how to do this with the API?

Hi @corey.jansen,

You can create a post attendee URL in your Zoom Branding settings for meetings and webinars. For webinars you may also set the after meeting survey_url via the Update Webinar API.


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Thanks Phillip,

I wanted to set the Post Attendee URL for the individual webianr like you can with the survey url using the api

Hey @corey.jansen,

Have you tried what Phill suggested, setting the survey_url as your post attendee url? ^


Hey Tommy, we use the survey url for an actual survey and then we use the post attendee url to redirect the user of the webinar to a spot so they can book into our calendar for a one on one directly.

Hey @corey.jansen,

Gotcha, thanks for the info. Other then the survey_url, there is no post attendee url you can set via API.


Hi @tommy

So, we can’t have different redirection URL for different meeting. ?? Can we set it through our API, after completion it have to be redirected to some page ?

Hey @vidya.webandcrafts,

Correct, feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests