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Questions and answers about the Flutter Video SDK!

Build rich-featured web apps designed to connect communities through highly customized user interfaces and access to raw video & audio data.

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We have been waiting for this news for a long time… Thank you

And when is the version of the meetings SDK ?

I don’t have a timeline for Flutter for Meeting SDK. I’ll let the engineering team that there is a demand out there for it though.

Does not look like Flutter Video SDK give access to raw video & audio data, which is a bit disappointing.

Hi @shariq.torres. I suppose it was a mistake regarding access to raw video & audio data, since I don’t see anything like that in Flutter Video SDK. It is even stated in version 1.7.0 release note in “Known limitations” section. Also it is very inconvenient that the latest version (1.9.0) is not available at pub.dev. The only way one can get the latest version of SDK is to navigate app creation page, which is very confusing.
Is there any roadmap on adding access to raw video/audio data? Should we even expect it in the nearest future?