Is access to raw video data comming any time soon?

Hi Zoom team.

I’m glad that the Video SDK was finally released for Flutter. It has most of the functionality we need for our project but it is missing access to video frames. I would like to know if there any chance that we will get this functionality soon. If not then when it may happen (if it is in your plans)?

Since it is important for my team to have access to video frames we had to use different service, namely LiveKit, to be able to capture frames. Although their implementation is not perfect but you may implement it as a temporary solution. Basically they are saving the frame on device (by some generated path) and then return the byte buffer read (in Dart layer) from this file. It actually works good enough for our purposes and I would really appreciate if someone will guide me on how to do it myself or if this feature will be added in the nearest future to the official Flutter SDK.

Thanks in advance

Any hints on this one? Maybe someone from the team that is developing Flutter SDK may give some feedback?