Zoom integration and publish into marketplace

I have to publish my zoom oAuth app in to the marketplace.
I had submitted the app for review and the app was successfully tested by zoom authorized reviewers.
And As mentioned, the last step was to sent the security compliance review document to the marketplace.security@zoom.us email-id.
I have sent out the particular document to mentioned email-id, But didn’t received any answer back from zoom marketplace.
Can you please look into this issue?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

App Name : Balance With Us


Hey @balanceteamzoom ,

Happy to provide a review status update for your app!

It is currently in our queue for the security review. We also need you to resubmit your app before approval, so go ahead and resubmit it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help!
I have resubmitted my app. and submitted the review document too. What will be next step?
I have waited for more than 2 weeks since i had submitted the document.
Can your team will look into this ASAP.

Thank you !!

Hey @balanceteamzoom ,

Thank you for resubmitting! It is in our App Reviewers hands and they will let you know the next steps!


Is it possible to use zoom app outside of the development mode (for authorization) without making it publish to market place?

Hey @balanceteamzoom ,

It is not possible to share the app with Zoom users outside your account unless it is published to the marketplace.

However, you can limit who can install it by following this guide:


Hi team
My zoom app has been successfully passed Zoom App Marketplace’s Security Review. But till we didn’t find our app to be published in the marketplace. How much time will it be needed for publishing?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @balanceteamzoom ,

Congrats! It will be published shortly.


I need one help!
My zoom app is published in marketplace, And after that i want to make some changes in app like want to change the logo or want to change category.
So my question is if I change anything within app after published , Then should I need to resubmit the app again?

Hi @balanceteamzoom,

That’s correct, if you need to make changes to an already published app, you will need to request an upgrade to the app following these steps:


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