Access meeting participants emails

Is possible to get the emails of the participants of a meeting from a Zoom App? I see that the admin permissions [dashboard:read:admin, dashboard_meetings:read:admin] are only available for Account level apps and looks like Zoom Apps are only User level. I used the token of the oauth of the zoom app but lacks those permissions.

Or if it’s intended to be done in another way please share some guiding points. Thanks!

Hi @john.ordonez
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
As you noticed, to be able to access our dashboard endpoints, you need admin permission and the Zoom Apps are only User Level, so it is the expected behavior to get an error when using the access token generated with your Zoom Apps credential.

Have you looked into the Get past meeting Participants endpoint?
You can access it with the meeting:read scope that is available in your Zoom App.
Hope this helps,

Hi @elisa.zoom

It’s been a while since this was asked. Anything has changed since then or do you have plans to allow to get the emails of the participants of a live call from a Zoom App?

Thank you!